WoW Female Death Knight Cosplay by Jessica Nigri 5

“My torture continues.”

Cosplayer: Jessica Nigri

Character: Female Death Knight from Warcraft universe.

Photo: Beethy Photography

WoW Female Death Knight Cosplay by Jessica Nigri.

Female Death Knight cosplay with overwhelming special effects.


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Death Knight AvatarDeath knights (introduced in Wrath of the Lich King) boast powerful melee abilities, as well as plate armor. These warriors supplement their strength with dark magic. Calling upon a rune system of magic, the death knight may summon unholy, blood, and frost spells. Three best known Death Knights in the Warcraft universe are Arthas (The Lich King), Darion Mograine and Baron Rivendare.
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  • Kulan102

    too much photoshop but i still love it!

  • Christi Duncan

    This has gotta be some of the best cosplay I’ve seen.

    • Tynael

      Indeed. Some don’t like it because of the Photoshop edit.

      • Christi Duncan

        Ah, it was only used for special effects—I don’t see the harm in it!

        • Tynael

          Indeed ^_^!