Syndra Cosplay by Lindsay Elyse

“A leagion couldn’t stop me. What chance do you have?”

Cosplayer: Lindsay Elyse

Character: Syndra from League of Legends

Photos: David “DTJAAAAM” Ngo

Syndra avatar

Syndra Cosplay by Lindsay Elyse

Sitting next to the wall waiting to unleash her unlimited power.

Syndra Cosplay by Lindsay Elyse

Stunning costume seen from afar.


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Syndra Avatar Born with immense magical potential, Syndra loves nothing more than exercising the incredible power at her command. With each passing day, her mastery of magical force grows more potent and devastating. Refusing any notion of balance or restraint, Syndra wants only to retain control of her power, even if it means annihilating the authorities that seek to stop her.
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